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Bolivar, the great liberator, Talking History Podcast

Dr. Barry Cannon, lecturer in Politics in Maynooth University and LASC member, participated in the radio programme Talking History " Bolivar, the great liberator".

You can hear the programme here:

#LASCWeds Talk: Migration and Human Trafficking: The Case of Trafficking of Children in Mexico, by Diana Correa


Research on Trafficking in Persons in Mexico is only a few decades old, and most of it has been focused  on sexual exploitation of women. In an effort to add to the knowledge on the subject, current researchers have taken interest in trafficking with different purposes other than sexual exploitation particularly forced labour, as well as working with other groups for example children. The talk will provide a brief explanation on what trafficking is, an overview of the general situation of Mexico and will then focus on children both mexican nationals and migrant.


On September 26th 2014, 43 students from a teacher-training college were participating in a demonstration when they were rounded up by the police and - according to reports - handed over to Guerreros Unidos, a criminal gang of drug traffickers. They were never seen again.


The disappearance of these students has shone a light on the close cooperation which exists between the state, political establishment, police and paramilitary drug gangs.   In spite of the alleged "war on drugs," a climate of violence, collusion and impunity reigns in much of Mexico.


The parents of these young men and their supporters have never given up in their search for justice and for answers.


Viva Galeano! Painting a Zapatista teacher

For September 16th, Mexican Independence Day, LASC, in collaboration with Schools For Chiapas (SFC), will be participating in the world premiere of SFC's short film (fifteen minutes) about the mural that an international team of volunteers painted last year in La Realidad, Chiapas, to commemorate the murdered Zapatista teacher known as Galeano. There will also be a screening of two other short videos about the Zapatistas and women in the Zapatista movement along with a short presentation about the background of the movement and a Q&A session.

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